Monday, June 9, 2014

34 key ridings where we need to defeat Tim Hudak

One Big Campaign (OBC) has made hundreds-of-thousands of phone calls to identify 34 ridings across the province that we believe are key to the outcome of this Thursday’s Ontario election. If either Liberal or NDP candidates can defeat Conservatives in most of these target ridings, we believe Tim Hudak will go down in defeat.

Because of the way voters are thinking – and not because OBC favors the Liberals in any way – we recommend that voters support the Liberals in 27 of the ridings and New Democrats in the other seven.

Please distribute the link to this page widely - particularly to folks you know in any of the 34 ridings. Click here to access Wikipedia to search for the location of any riding.

ED #  Electoral District Name Endorsement Candidate Endorsement Incumbent  Party
3 Ancaster—Dundas—Flamborough—Westdale  Liberal  Ted McMeekin  Liberal 
4 Barrie  Liberal  Ann Hoggarth  PC
7 Brampton—Springdale  Liberal  Harinder Malhi  Liberal 
8 Brampton West  Liberal  Vic Dhillon  Liberal 
9 Brant  Liberal  Dave Levac  Liberal 
11 Burlington  Liberal  Eleanor McMahon  PC
12 Cambridge  Liberal  Kathryn McGarry  PC
19 Durham  Liberal  Granville Anderson  PC
20 Eglinton—Lawrence  Liberal  Michael Colle  Liberal 
22 Essex  NDP  Taras Natyshak  NDP
24 Etobicoke—Lakeshore  Liberal  Peter Milczyn PC
26 Glengarry—Prescott—Russell  Liberal  Grant Crack  Liberal 
29 Haliburton—Kawartha Lakes—Brock  Liberal  Rick Johnson  PC
30 Halton  Liberal  Indira Naidoo-Harris  PC
35 Kenora—Rainy River  NDP  Sarah Campbell  NDP
36 Kingston and the Islands  Liberal  Sophia Kiwala  Liberal 
37 Kitchener Centre  Liberal  Daiene Vernile  Liberal 
38 Kitchener—Conestoga  Liberal  Wayne Wright  PC
45 London West  NDP  Peggy Sattler  NDP
53 Newmarket-Aurora Liberal  Chris Ballard  PC
54 Niagara Falls  NDP  Wayne Gates  NDP
58 Northumberland—Quinte West  Liberal  Lou Rinaldi  PC
59 Oak Ridges—Markham  Liberal  Helena Jaczek  Liberal 
61 Oshawa NDP  Jennifer French  PC
63 Ottawa—OrlĂ©ans  Liberal  Marie-France Lalonde  Liberal 
64 Ottawa South  Liberal  John Fraser  Liberal 
66 Ottawa West—Nepean  Liberal  Bob Chiarelli  Liberal 
70 Perth—Wellington  Liberal  Stewart Skinner  PC
76 St.Catharines  Liberal  Jim Bradley  Liberal 
82 Scarborough—Guildwood  Liberal  Mitzie Hunter  Liberal 
89 Thornhill  Liberal  Sandra Yeung Racco  PC
93 Timmins—James Bay  NDP  Gilles Bisson  NDP
98 Welland  NDP  Cindy Forster  NDP
104 York Centre  Liberal  Monte Kwinter  Liberal 

Liberal and NDP supporters must get out and vote!

We know that many people are upset with both the Liberals and NDPs, but it’s very important that everyone vote. A survey of Conservative voters revealed that 70 per cent of them will vote. So please urge people to vote following our recommendations. We don’t want to wake up on Friday with “Tim Hudak election hangover!”

Our riding-by-riding polling also revealed the risks of Ontario’s antiquated first-past-the-post voting system. Because the party with the largest number of seats can form the government, Tim Hudak could actually win with perhaps only 37 per cent of voters supporting him. The province desperately need to switch to some form of proportional representation voting system, which would put an end to what’s known as a “false majority.”

A complete list of all of the provincial ridings
will be posted as soon as available.